My Profile

I have received a scientific education in information technology.
I am proficient in some aspects of building, operating and li­qui­dating
soft­ware businesses: recruitment, structural and process
organization (software, information), information architecture (web,
print), system architecture (limited domains), draft contracts
(intellectual property, licensing), controlling processes and audits.

Position: I do not take out loans, and try to not leave depen­dancies
behind. I am known for my sarcasm.

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Our Mode

  • Personal Training: You have no education (no experience) in Software-Management, und want to acquire the knowhow. I am available on workdays for meetings and talks.
  • Paired Management: You want to lead according to the two-man-rule. I am available for talks around the clock, often just on the phone. This is to discuss decisions. You take all responsibility. I provide disagreement, observations and potential solutions.

Agency: You know what you want.
I have it, and sell it to you.