My Profile

I have received a scientific education in information technology.
I am proficient in some aspects of building, operating and li­qui­dating
soft­ware businesses: recruitment, structural and process
organization (software, information), information architecture (web,
print), system architecture (limited domains), draft contracts
(intellectual property, licensing), controlling processes and audits.

Position: I do not take out loans, and try to not leave depen­dancies
behind. I am known for my sarcasm.

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My Rates

For an approximation of costs:

  • The smallest unit of us talking takes 3 minutes, like a pop song on the radio. For this I charge about the price of 1 movie ticket.
  • Time & material is individual and varies over time. It results from us talking, work packages I deliver and services. A few months into working together, the overall effort can be capped. Your effort is about the amount of time we talk.
  • I deliver work packages on a time & material basis, with a reliable but nonbinding advance estimate. For some types of work my effort can be capped.
  • If there is a market, I ask for brokerage. For employees 20% to 25% of the annual gross. If I take responsibility for shipping & handling of services, I charge 10% on top.

My rate policy shall neutralize their social impact. I neither want to be cheaper nor pricier than others. If you do think, my rates do not fit this claim, please let me know. Thank you.